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Anonymous asked:
Do you think it's better to join the USMC before or after college? Is it true that you won't be able to make it past a certain pay grade if you only have a high school education?

Going to college getting your degree then joining the Marines as a officer is the best choice. To answer your second question no its not true.

tiff-andcompany asked:
So my boyfriend is currently at Parris Island to earn his title as a marine. I was wondering if you could give me a brief description of the phases they undergo at Boot Camp :) Btw; congrats on the promotion :)

There are 3 phases.

1st phase they break your soul.

2nd phase they begin to rebuild you.

3rd phase they instill confidence knowledge and meaning into your life.

Thank you!

Anonymous asked:
do all marines get to know the date when they get promoted?? i thought it was a surprise

Yes all Marines can find out when they are getting promoted. Pvt-LCpl is based on time in grade time. Cpl-Sgt is based off a score.


So I just found out that I will be promoted to Sergeant October 1st!