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Anonymous asked:
What is the difference between a female marine and a male marine? Job differences, Difficulty ranking up, anything that's harder or easier for females vs males?

Besides their reproductive organs there is no difference between a male Marine and a female Marine.

lexi95y asked:
What is the Marine Corps life like ?


Anonymous asked:
I know my main concern should be taking off weight because I'm overweight, but is it possible to take the ASVAB overweight? Because it'd be pretty helpful since I'm assuming I would have the chance to take it again in case my score isn't as high as I can get it.

I am not sure to be honest. It Would most likely come down to your recruiters decision.

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thatdirtysock asked:
Hey, I leave for boot August 11 at PI. What should I expect? Any tips?

I am sorry it took so long to respond! So many questions so little time! You are probably on your way to becoming a Marine. Good luck! Every one of my followers leave him messages of support so he can see it when he comes back!!!!!

Anonymous asked:
I want to be a marine and well it's hard to keep up the grades in highschool any tips will be appreciated and please tell me if you had problems as well thanks

If you want something bad enough anything is possible. I was one of the laziest kids in my high school. I wanted to be a Marine but I had graduate in order for that to happen. I paid for tutors took a 7th period but I did it! If I can do it so can you!